The Jungle Book Audition Signup

Auditions will be held at:
Jackson Church
68 Bennetts Mills Rd.
Jackson, NJ 08527

Everyone who auditions will get a part in the musical!

Optional dance auditions will be on Sunday from 2-3pm and do not need a signup.

Come audition for the jungle book!

Audition Times

Feb. 5th, 3:00pm, Feb. 5th, 3:10pm, Feb. 5th, 3:20pm, Feb. 5th, 3:30pm, Feb. 5th, 3:40pm, Feb. 5th, 3:50pm, Feb. 5th, 4:00pm, Feb. 5th, 4:10pm, Feb. 5th, 4:20pm, Feb. 5th, 4:30pm, Feb. 5th, 4:40pm, Feb. 5th, 4:50pm, Feb. 5th, 5:00pm, Feb. 5th, 5:10pm, Feb. 5th, 5:20pm, Feb. 5th, 5:30pm, Feb. 5th, 5:40pm, Feb. 5th, 5:50pm, Feb. 5th, 6:00pm, Feb. 5th, 6:10pm, Feb. 5th, 6:20pm, Feb. 5th, 6:30pm, Feb. 5th, 6:40pm, Feb. 5th, 6:50pm, Feb. 6th, 3:00pm, Feb. 6th, 3:10pm, Feb. 6th, 3:20pm, Feb. 6th, 3:30pm, Feb. 6th, 3:40pm, Feb. 6th, 3:50pm, Feb. 6th, 4:00pm, Feb. 6th, 4:10pm, Feb. 6th, 4:20pm, Feb. 6th, 4:30pm, Feb. 6th, 4:40pm, Feb. 6th, 4:50pm, Feb. 6th, 5:00pm, Feb. 6th, 5:10pm, Feb. 6th, 5:20pm, Feb. 6th, 5:30pm, Feb. 6th, 5:40pm, Feb. 6th, 5:50pm, Feb. 6th, 6:00pm, Feb. 6th, 6:10pm, Feb. 6th, 6:20pm, Feb. 6th, 6:30pm, Feb. 6th, 6:40pm, Feb. 6th, 6:50pm