3rd  – 8th grade

Wednesday 6:30pm – 8:00pm
September 28 – November 15

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Join us for 8 weeks for a fun and hand-on Kids Cooking Class. Children in grades 3rd – 8th grade will be learning about kitchen safety, using different appliances and bakeware, and getting to sample their delicious creations.

Week 1 – Creating Healthy Afterschool Snacks & kitchen basics – learn the terminology of kitchen utensils and appliances

Week 2 – 3 Ingredient Frozen Banana Ice Cream & Homemade Waffle Bowl

Week 3 – Homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies and/or Oatmeal Cookies

Week 4 – Homemade Carmel Apples with toppings

Week 5 – 3 Ingredient Scones with Jam

Week 6 – Flower Pot Bread with butter

Week 7 – Air Fryer Fruit Hand Pies

Week 8 – Cupcakes from scratch

Samantha Marley is the Director of Sunbeam Christian Preschool, she has a background in teaching cooking classes at a local summer camp for 4 years before joining Anchors Away Summer Camp for summer of 2022.