OZ! Auditions

Auditions will be held on February 28th (Sunday) from 3pm- 5pm at Jackson Church (68 Bennetts Mills Rd., Jackson, NJ 08527). Everyone is welcome to participate, and everyone who auditions will get a part, although we are limited in the number of speaking parts available.

What are we looking for in auditions? We’re mainly looking at how prepared you are as well as singing/acting ability. We definitely prefer that you’ve memorized the words to your monologue and song.

To sign-up and audition:

1. Sign up for the performing arts class

You can sign up for the class:
Performing Arts Class (5-12th grades)
Junior Jammers (2-4th grades)

If you are a Junior Jammer (2nd-4th grade) please signup here. Auditions will be held in 10-minute blocks. Please arrive about 5-10 minutes early so that we can start right away!

2. Prepare a monologue

3. Optional: Prepare a song!

Listed below are suggested songs for auditions. Students are encouraged to prepare a song, however they may opt-out to be considered for a non-singing part. If you would like to use one of these songs you can choose to sing it a cappella (without music) or use the karaoke track. Each song listed has a link to the karaoke track that will be provided at auditions. If there is a song not listed below that you would like to sing a cappella at the auditions you may do so. Karaoke tracks can only be used with the songs listed below; we’ll only be providing the music, so please make sure you know the lyrics or bring them along!

4. Have fun!

Remember, everyone who signs up will get a spot in the musical and regardless of your part, this will be a blast! You will meet new friends and have a great time rehearsing! Auditions are just for us to match your part with the type of talent you have.

Part Breakdown

Here is a list of parts that are available for the musical:

Character# of Lines
BOQ (munchkin)8
LOQ (munchkin)5
Tin Woodsman95
Guardian of the Gates One22
Guardian of the Gates Two16
Aunt Em4
Fighting Treesn/a
Ensemble (munchkins, monkeys, court citizens, etc.)n/a