Audition Materials

We will have an optional audition prep night on Sept. 7 from 6:30pm – 7:30pm. This is a great way to come meet the director, learn about what we are looking for in auditions, and review the materials.

Download audition packet

Please read the above audition packet before choosing your song and monologue.

Karaoke Tracks:

The Sound of Music

Climb Every Mountain

My Favorite Things

Sixteen Going on Seventeen

Do Re Mi


Something Good


Maria #1 ​(​Praying​)
Dear God, I know that you have sent me here on a mission. I must help these children to love their new mother and prepare them to win her love so she will never want them to leave her. And I pray that this will become a happy family in thy sight. God bless the captain. God bless Liesl, and Friedrich, Louisa, Brigitta, Marta, and little Gretl – and, oh yes, I forgot the other boy – what’s his name? Well, God bless what’s his name! God bless the Reverend Mother, and Sister Margaretta, and everybody at Nonnberg Abbey. And now, dear God, about Liesl…help her to know that I am her friend, and help her to tell me what she’s up to. Help me to be understanding so that I may guide her footsteps. In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

Maria #2​ (​to Captain Von Trapp​)
I know you don’t know your children, but you’ve got to. Take Liesl – Liesl isn’t a child anymore. And if you keep treating her as one, Captain, you’re going to have a mutiny on your hands. And Friedrich- Friedrich’s afraid to be himself. He’s shy…he’s aloof. Friedrich needs you- he needs your confidence. Brigitta could tell you about him. She could tell you a lot more if you got to know her, because she notices things. And she always tells the truth-especially when you don’t want to hear it. sensitive. He’s easily hurt and you ignore him. You brush him aside the way you do all of them. (The CAPTAIN starts to leave) I haven’t finished yet! Louisa wants to have a good time. You’ve just got to let her have a good time. Marta-I don’t know about yet but someone has to find out about her. And little Gretl -just wants to be loved-Oh, please, Captain, love Gretl, love all of them. They need you.

Liesl ​(​to Maria)​
Oh, Fraulein, Father’s never going to marry her. Why, he couldn’t…because he’s in love with you! You must know that – Remember the other night when we were all sitting on the floor singing the Edelweiss song he taught us? After we finished, you laughed at him for forgetting the words. He didn’t forget the words. He just stopped singing to look at you. And when he speaks to you, the way his voice sounds — and the way you looked at him just now when you were dancing. You’re in love with him too!

Elsa​ (​with sophisticated flirtation to the Captain​)
Georg, you’re quite an experience for me. Somewhere in you there’s a fascinating man. Occasionally, I catch a glimpse of him, and when I do, he’s exciting. I’m beginning to understand you better now that I see you here. You know, you’re a little like those mountains – except that you keep moving. How can you be away from this place as much as you are? (​Pause)​ I like it here very much. Oh, of course we’d have to spend ​some​ time back in Vienna. But first, I’d like to meet all your friends. Georg, why don’t you give a dinner for me while I’m here? Nothing very much – just something lavish.

Mother Abbess ​(​to Maria)​
Maria, our abbey is not to be used as an escape. What is it you can’t face…are you in love with Captain von Trapp? Did you let him see how you felt? Maria, the love of a man and a woman is holy. The time we talked together, you told me that you remembered your father and mother before they died. You remembered that they were happy. Maria, you were born of their happiness, of their love. And, my child, you have a great capacity to love. What you must find out is how God wants you to spend your love. (Pause) My daughter, if you love this man, it doesn’t mean you love God any less. You must find out. You must go back. These walls were not meant to shut out our problems. You have to face them. You have to find the life you were born to live.

Captain von Trapp ​(to Maria, first meeting)
I’m Captain von Trapp. You are Fraulein Maria? Before the children meet you, you will put on another dress. I’ll see that you’re given some material – today if possible. Now, Fraulein, as to your duties here. You will be in charge of my children. There are seven of them. You will find out how far they have progressed in their studies and carry on from there. Each morning will be spent in the classroom. Each afternoon, they march. You will see that at all times, they conduct themselves with decorum and orderliness. The first rule in this house is discipline. Children, this is your new fraulein – Fraulein Maria. As I sound your signal you will step forward and repeat your name. You, Fraulein, will listen and learn their signals so that you can call them when you want them.

Rolf​ (talking to Liesl)
Liesl! You don’t have to say good night this early just because your father’s home. I mean (​endearingly uncomfortable​)…well, can I come again tomorrow night? I could come here by mistake – with a telegram for Colonel Schneider. He’s here from Berlin, but I – (​suddenly concerned)​ . No one’s supposed to know he’s here. Don’t you tell your father. He’s so…Austrian. And some people think we ought to be German. They’re pretty mad at those who don’t think so. They’re getting ready to – well… let’s just hope your father doesn’t get into trouble. But I don’t worry about him (​changing the subject​ ​and instantly drawn back​ ​to Liesl’s charms)​…the only one I worry about is his daughter.

How would you like this for the Kaltzberg Festival… (​building suspense)​ the finest choral group in Austria, the greatest mixed quartet in all of Europe, and… the best soprano in the world? (​Longingly​) Wouldn’t that be wonderful. But all I’ve got now is a basso who isn’t even profundo. ​(Changing back to his normal positive carefree self)​ But I always come up with a good Festival Concert. And why? Because my motto is: “Never start out looking for the people you wind up getting.”

Soldier ​(​speak with a German accent, if possible)
Captain, we are here on business. A telegram was sent to you three days ago. Your record in the war is very well remembered by us, Captain. In our Navy we hold you in very high regard. That explains why I am here. Having had no answer to our telegram, the High Command has sent me in person. I am here to present you with your commission, and your orders are to report immediately to the naval base at Bremerhaven.