Audition Materials

We will have an optional audition prep night on Feb. 1 from 6:00pm – 7:00pm for Little Mermaid and 7:00pm – 8:00pm for Godspell. This is a great way to come meet the director, learn about what we are looking for in auditions, and review the materials.

Both audition prep and auditions will be held at:
Jackson Church
68 Bennetts Mills Rd.
Jackson, NJ 08527

The audition process:


Once you arrive, please sign in and wait until we are ready for your audition. Your individual closed audition will be in the sanctuary of the church with a panel. You will perform your prepared song and deliver your chosen monologue. Remember, the panel is looking for stage presence, vocal tone, emotion, and range. They want you to succeed – so relax, smile, and show your best effort!

● Choose a song from the song list provided for your show.
● Perform 16 bars maximum.
● Accompaniment tracks are provided.

● Prepare a monologue from the provided character list for your show.
● You do not have to memorize the monologue, but it is strongly encouraged.


You will be contacted Monday night if you are requested to attend a callback. A callback does not guarantee a lead role in the production. Additionally, not all cast members will receive a callback. It simply means the panel needs to see you again to finalize their decisions. Cast list will be announced during the week after auditions via email.

Choosing a monologue and song

If you know you want to audition for a particular role, choose the monologue and song listed for that character at the sites above (listed as script and score on the site). Be familiar with other monologues since you may be asked to do an additional read. Audition materials may not be available for the specific part that you are auditioning for, choose one that is similar or fits you the best instead.