July 14, 2016

Voluntary Tuition

What is Voluntary Tuition?

The essences of Voluntary Tuition is that it is a donation based system. You pay what you can, when you can. The key to voluntary tuition is that you are contributing to the success of a community based program that empowers people to discover gifts and talents that change lives. So, we rely on people donating what they can. Some people voluntarily pay 10x the tuition, while some people might only be able to contribute $10 in tuition.

Why don’t you just ask for donations?

Some people like to know what it costs and are willing to pay to cover the costs with out contributing to the future of the program or those less fortunate, so our “price’ or “tuition” is basically an estimate of what the cost is going to cost to run on a per person rate. Essentially, when you “pay” for anything at JAM it is a donation. Any donations that surpass the cost of the program goes towards future programs.

It Sounds Too Good To Be True. Is It?

Yes, it does sound too good to be true, but it is TRUE. We rely on people who love our programs and have the financial ability to pay more than their share, which offsets the costs of those who can’t cover their costs.

Become Part of the Family!

When you give to or participate in JAM, you become part of our family at Jackson United Methodist Church. JUMC is a church dedicated to make Jackson an even better town in the name of Jesus Christ. We pray on a regular basis that God blesses each and every teacher, student, participant, and family. Everyone is welcome here!