Beauty and the Beast Jr. Audition Signup


Auditions will be held at:
Jackson Church
68 Bennetts Mills Rd.
Jackson, NJ 08527

Everyone who auditions will get a part in the musical!

An optional “Audition Prep” session will be on Thursday, February 2nd from 6:30-8pm and does not need a signup.

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Sign up for auditions! Please be sure to read the show and audition information before signing up.

Audition Times

Saturday, Feb. 4 – 3:00pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 3:10pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 3:20pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 3:30pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 3:40pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 3:50pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 4:00pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 4:10pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 4:20pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 4:30pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 4:40pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 4:50pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 5:00pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 5:10pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 5:20pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 5:30pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 5:40pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 5:50pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 6:00pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 6:10pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 6:20pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 6:30pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 6:40pm, Saturday, Feb. 4 – 6:50pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 3:00pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 3:10pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 3:20pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 3:30pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 3:40pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 3:50pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 4:00pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 4:10pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 4:20pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 4:30pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 4:40pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 4:50pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 5:00pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 5:10pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 5:20pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 5:30pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 5:40pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 5:50pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 6:00pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 6:10pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 6:20pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 6:30pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 6:40pm, Sunday, Feb. 5 – 6:50pm

About the Instructor

Denise Tiedemann is a graduate of the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC, NY.  Denise has performed professionally for years in theater as well as having sung professionally.  Denise had lead roles in many musicals and children’s theater, including School House Rock in NYC.  She was also one of the lead singers in the successful rock band, Something Sam.

Denise has a passion for working with people of all ages.  She loves to help people discover what their gifts are, as well as encouraging growth in these areas.  It’s a joy for her to teach people techniques that allow a person to go from “that person has a nice voice” to “wow, that person could be on Broadway!”

Denise is also a licensed local pastor for the United Methodist Church and currently serves at a two-point charge. In Genesis 1:27, the Bible describes all people as being “created in God’s image”.  This verse inspires her when teaching and encouraging performers to consider how precious they are to God.  It’s wonderful to consider all God has planned for each of us, including our gifts in the performing arts!