Elf the Musical Jr.

Auditions on Sept. 10th & 11th 2022. Everyone gets a part!

We’re excited to present Elf the Musical Jr. as our Fall/Christmas season musical! Everyone from grades 5th – 12th is welcome to participate, no matter what type of previous experience you have. We have kids who have been performing for years as well as those who have never been on stage before.

The cost for our performing arts musical class is for $60. This cost go towards scripts, props, costumes, and more.

We’re excited to have our Jr. Jammers performing arts class (2nd – 4th grade) to join us for Elf Jr. as extra elves, Macy’s employees, and more. Learn more about the Jr. Jammers class and sign up here.

Important Dates

Audition Prep: September 8
Auditions: September 10 & 11
Practices: Every Sunday from 3-6pm and Thursdays from 6:30-8pm starting Thursday, Sept. 15th. Depending on your role you may not have to be at every rehearsal, we will send out a list each week of who will be needed.
Show dates: December 3 & 4


Auditions will be held on September 10th & 11th from 3pm – 7pm in 10 minutes increments. Please sign up and pay here. Students will be asked to read for a character of your choosing, and sing a song listed in our audition materials. Everyone who auditions will receive a part, whether it is a main, supporting, or ensemble role.

Audition Prep:
An “Audition Prep” night will be held on Thursday, September 8th, from 6:30pm – 8pm at Jackson Church. On this night, participants will be able to go over and practice the materials and songs. This night is optional, but recommended. At the end of the night you will have the opportunity to sign up for an audition slot with a friend or partner. You are also welcome to sign up for an audition time if you are not able to come to audition prep. Parents, please come at 7:30 as we may need to compare schedules and find times that work for all.

Part Breakdown

Here is a list of parts that are available for the musical:

Santa Claus
Santa Claus has a lot on his plate during the Christmas season, and it is starting to show. He is annoyed with the Elves, tired of lying to Buddy and sad that people seem to be losing their Christmas spirit. He is still the same jolly old St. Nick underneath it all, but the job is getting to him.

Buddy the Elf
Buddy is the perfect elf! He’s good-natured, he means well, and he’s happy all the time. There’s only one problem. He’s not an elf, he’s an adult human.

The Elves are Santa’s special helpers who love their job making toys to meet their Christmas Eve deadline.

Charlie is in charge of monitoring the other Elves, making sure every present is wrapped and every bow is tied. He has authority over the rest of the Elves, but always remains friendly.

Shawanda is a dependable and caring elf. She will do whatever she can to help out others, including Buddy, even though she accidentally reveals that he is a human.

Sam is one of Walter s Office Staff who is in a bind at the top of the show.

Walter Hobbs
Walter Hobbs, Buddy’s real father, is so focused on keeping his job that he is not making time for his family. He can be stern and unemotional at times, but ultimately he learns to recommit to his family.

Deb, Walter’s secretary, has the big responsibility of keeping her boss and the whole office happy. She does this by sharing her positive attitude with everyone.

Emily Hobbs
Emily Hobbs is Walter’s devoted wife who would prefer her husband to spend a little more time at home. She is a problem solver and an excellent mother who is doing everything she can to provide a positive family dynamic.

Michael Hobbs
Michael Hobbs is the smarter-than-average 12-year-old son of Walter and Emily. He quickly befriends his new adult brother, Buddy, and does everything he can to make sure Buddy becomes a permanent part of the family.

Security Guards
Security Guard #1 and Security Guard #2 are a stern duo from Walter’s office, making sure everyone who enters has permission.

The Saleswoman is the first person to greet Buddy as he enters Macy’s. She’s the consummate sales person: smiling, overfriendly, and always trying to sell something.

As the manager of Macy’s, he’s doing everything he can to make sure all the employees stay in line.

Jovie works as a store elf at Macy’s, but don’t be mistaken – she doesn’t quite exude the Christmas spirit. She’s kind of cynical, a bit tough around the edges, and now the target of Buddy’s complete adoration.

Santa’s Helper
Santa’s Helper works as a Macy’s employee and announces when each kid gets to visit with Santa.

Fake Santa
Fake Santa is a poor replacement for the real Santa. He’s an employee of Macy’s who is a bit rough around the edges.

Policeman #1 and Policeman #2 are a friendly pair of cops who return Buddy to the Hobbs household.

Sarah is a staff member at Walter’s office.

Mr. Greenway
Mr. Greenway is one of the crankiest businessmen around. He is the big boss with a commanding presence.

Chadwick and Matthews
Chadwick and Matthews are staff members at Walter’s office who are doing everything they can think of to save the day and make their boss happy.

Charlotte Dennon
Charlotte Dennon is a TV reporter with a big personality. She does her best to keep her professional persona in public and doesn’t like being shown up.

Darlene Lambert and Emma Van Brocklin
Darlene Lambert and Emma Van Brocklin are on the scene in Central Park and are convinced of Santa’s magic after Buddy reveals their past Christmas gifts.